1. All trading will be done in absolute secrecy.
  2. Documents of my virginity will be provided to the winner by my local health system authorities.
  3. The buyer has also the further possibility to check me up again with a doctor he trusts.
  4. The winner has to provide documentation of his good health from venereal diseases.
  5. The buyer must use a condom.
  6. The winner will have to come to my country to meet me for legal reasons so the winner will have to inform me of the dates he will be available for the meeting.
  7. We will spend the time together at the hotel where the winner is staying. Book 5* hotel to confirm the date.
  8. It is strictly not allowed the use of any kind of violence, this includes any kind of activity that may affect the physical or moral integrity of mine, any kind of drugs and/or any kind of sex toys. The winner must be sober.
  9. It isn't allowed the company of another person, except the winner, during the sexual act. The encounter and the sexual act can't be filmed or photographed.
  10. The winner will have to make a deposit with a portion of the amount as a guarantee. The rest of the amount will be transferred on the day of the meeting. Payment will be made by electronic platforms. The meeting will only occur after I have verified that the payment was successful. If the payment is not confirmed, the negotiation will be interrupted and the auction will continue.

*Terms and conditions may be discussed.

Thanks for your time and for your attention! 
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